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Estimated Released in November Model 6 Crossbar Lock Knife Black G10 Handle (3.10'' 12C28N Blade) Nick Swan Design - T1022V5

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About Designer

As a retired law enforcement officer, Nick Swan needed a knife that he could trust his life on, not only as a last line of defense but as an everyday tool. He doesn't believe in safe queens and refuses to own a knife that he won't actually use.

About Design

The Model 6 was designed to be a working knife that could be used for various task daily, but could instanyly be deployed as a self defense tool. The 3.1''wharncliffe blade provides a reliable edge that delivers solid cutting performane in daily tasks.


  • Versatile Daily Use

Designed by Nick Swan, the Model 6 knife excels as a multi-functional tool ideal for everyday tasks. Its 3.1" Wharncliffe blade offers precision and reliability for a range of cutting needs, making it a must-have for everyday carry.

  • Rapid Deployment for Safety

With its quick-deployment capability, the Model 6 serves not only as a practical tool but also as an effective self-defense weapon. The intuitive Crossbar lock mechanism ensures that the knife can be opened swiftly and safely when needed.

  •  Superior Performance and Durability

The robust construction of the Model 6, combined with the strength of the Wharncliffe blade, ensures long-lasting durability and consistent performance. Whether for cutting rope, processing materials, or emergency situations, this knife stands up to rigorous use in various conditions.



Overall Length 7.47''/189.83mm
Blade Length 3.10''/78.79mm
Blade Thickness 0.125''/3.2mm
Blade Material 12C28N
Blade Style Wharncliffe
Blade Grind Flat Grind
Blade Finish Black Stonewashed 
Handle Material  Black G10
Color Black
Model Name  Model 6
Model Number T1022V5
Designer Nick Swan