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Johnathan Sibley

Johnathan Sibley, of Djinn Designs, cannot recall a time before his love for knives. Since early childhood, he has been infatuated with man's second tool. At the age of 13, he discovered that there were artisans still working in the old ways. The works of the top talents of that time fueled his passion. The beauty of handmade and forged blades were not a thing of the past, and he was inspired toward smithing. He used their work as inspiration, and works hard to make every knife not only fully functional but, also  aesthetically pleasing. Once on this path, Johnathan found many avenues to explore that have continued to yield new inspiration and new creations.

After high school, Johnathan Sibley went to art school where he honed his skills in design, painting, sculpture, jewelry, and illustration. After art school, Johnathan worked as a graphic artist and designer, CNC programmer, luthier, jewelry maker, and furniture maker. But, all roads led back to knife-making. Every new skill was incorporated into it.


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