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Tenable Knives


Tenable Knives, a budget brand under the Kansept Knives umbrella, brings you affordability without compromising on quality. Born from the same commitment to innovation and craftsmanship as Kansept Knives, Tenable offers knives that meet our high standards at a more accessible price point.

Based in Yangjiang, China's knife city, Tenable inherits the pioneering spirit and openness to global influences of its parent brand. Our skilled production team boasts over two decades of experience in the industry, ensuring every knife meets rigorous quality benchmarks.

At Tenable, we merge advanced manufacturing techniques with meticulous handcrafting to deliver knives that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Whether you're seeking OEM or ODM solutions, partnering with us means reducing costs without sacrificing excellence.

Experience the fusion of quality and affordability with Tenable knives. For inquiries, contact us at