Reverie T2025B1 Black Stonewashed 154CM Blade Gray and Black G10 Handle Design by Justin Lundquist


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About Designer

Justin Lundquist received his first knife from his mother at the age of 4. He accumulated a small collection of inexpensive production knives over the next few years. He was always drawn to the wide range of shapes and designs while still being a functional utilitarian tool.

After graduating college with a degree in Fine Art Photography and working in that industry for over a decade, He stumbled into the world of full custom handmade knives.

In 2013 Justin began slowly making his own knives. He loves the creative process of designing and physically building a beautiful functional tool that can be carried and used daily. He strives to create functional EDCs that have clean lines, shapes and transitions. Mixing classic and modern he hopes to make designs that last and stand the test of time.


About Design

The Reverie is a good example of how Justin likes to mix classic and modern. The lines of the Reverie are somewhat classic. However, there are more modern additions like the symetrical out the front flipper tab, the bolster lock, the 5 slot pattern and the materials. This is also the first time he has designed a bolster lock or used a hidden lanyard pin. Both of these design elements are pretty awesome. The bolster lock not only looks great visually but it also acts as an overtravel stop for the lockbar so that you cannot overextend it. The hidden stop pin allows those who like lanyards to use them and those who don't like them, don't have to see a big lanyard hole going through the knife.



Gray and Black G10  handle for a smooth gripping surface that is comfortable in the pocket or hand.

✔Smooth action is fidgety and easy to actuate

✔Black Stonewashed 154CM blade with excellent edge retention.


Overall Length


Blade Length


Blade Thickness

0.118" / 3.0mm

Blade Material

Black Stonewashed 154CM

Blade Style

Drop Point

Blade Grind


Blade Finish


Handle Material 

Gray and Black G10


Gray, Black

Lock Type

Liner Lock



Model Name 


Model Number



Justin Lundquist

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